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Hands-on Experience

Kids can cook

Culinary and Life Skills Program

150+ Youth Served Annually

Bringing hands-on, plant-based, action-packed culinary skills to students. This program makes healthy eating a fun, accessible option by giving kids the knowledge and skills to whip up healthy (and delicious!) creations.

Students also interact with and visit local urban farms to learn more about organic fruits and vegetables.

In the advanced program, students also gain practical culinary skills that may assist them in obtaining employment.


Learn, Grow, Launch!

Entrepreneurial Exposure

program resumes summer 2024

Hungry for more? Students who want to advance their knowledge of business in the culinary arts have the opportunity to be mentored by local plant-based entrepreneurs who are members of the Food Studio Shared Kitchen.

This program teaches students basic entrepreneurial principles and exposes them to opportunities in the hospitality and agricultural industries.

Plant Life

Plant-Based Food pop-ups

750+ People served annually

This program teaches plant-based cooking and nutrition information to the community through engaging presentations. It offers community plant-based food pop-ups, and live presentations by professionals on healthy plant-based cooking and nutrition along with tips, recipes, and resources.

The Plant-Life program also makes information seminars available via our online virtual learning platform.


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